Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This was my third Thanksgiving away from home however it was my first time actually hosting a Thanksgiving feast. While I miss my biological family dearly my expat family helped make my first Thanksgiving wonderful. I began preparing early in the week to make sure that everything would be ready. It was pretty interesting to create the entire menu from scratch with 2 pots and one frying pan. The first guest that arrived really set the homey feeling for the day. I was able to wrap my arms around someone from my home town for the first time in 8 months. 
Jordon fit right in with my ROK family
We ordered the turkey from a company that delivered it completely and beautifully prepared. I had never had the honor of carving a bird before and it was a nice feeling. I felt like the head of this great family I have here in Korea. 
There was not an ounce of meat left on that bird
Our menu was as inclusive as could be to everyone in our ROK family. Classic Thanksgiving favorites like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and dressing for the 'Mericans. Lizzy prepared Yorkshire pudding and shortbread for the Brits aka "Pilgrims fathers" and we had vegetarian shepherds pie for our vegetarian buddies. 
Liz's perfect Yorkshire Puddings..
I know.. pudding? Who knew..
Delicious regardless!
The other items on the menu were corn, home made apple sauce, broccoli salad, Parmesan coated zucchini and carrots, a green bean casserole that didn't quite come out right but thanks for the effort Carl. Maresha made macaroni and cheese and Claire and Wade hand whipped our whipped cream for the tollhouse pie. I can't forget the outstanding effort put forth by Laura who slaved over the canned cranberry jelly. Cheers Ms. Walker the shape was perfect! Josh and Sophia made sure that there was plenty of wine and beer to go around, although I'm not sure I let anyone else drink any.
The spread
Carl kicks off the feast 

Sophia, Cat and Ben can't wait for dinner.
Nice Photobomb Carl
Nothing says Thanksgiving like a little post dinner arm wrestling
I deserved a cocktail (or 10) after my hard work.
Baby Monkey

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