Thursday, November 11, 2010

Would the real Cassie Andrews please stand up

Today was a day that was so amusing I am going to have to write many posts about it. I have decided to start not at the beginning of the day which was my trip to my doctor (i'm fine by the way). When I arrived at school one of the Korean teachers and I had a very humorous conversation, well for me anyway. Jennee is a pretty hip Korean she wears the super short skirts with the super high heels ( yes that's fashion not hooker wear). She always has on 2-5 different types of animal print and an excessive amount of lace to garnish her cheetahzebratiger wear. She doesn't hide her feelings for the shortcomings at our school and whenever she looks at our boss her eyes impersonate Weebles. I saw her in Hongdae on Halloween and she was partying it up with one of her buds who declared to me upon our meeting " I just meet Jesus". I informed her that Jesus was wearing a one of a kind Cassie design.  Anyway as far as female Korean co workers go Jennee is a pretty fun one.
So here's tour conversation.
Jennee- Mowning Kessie
Me- Hi Jenny
Jennee- You know Illauohabitch
Me- What?
Jennee- You.. You are Illauohabitch

Now at this point I really just think she is trying to make a joke about me being a bitch that I don't understand. Ravi who is our head foreign teacher turned to me and asked if she was calling me a bitch. He then rolled his chair over to her and whispered that is sounded like she was saying I am a bitch.

Jennee- "ohh NO NO NO OHMYGOD NO"

She then turned to her computer and was feverishly typing. She then pulled up the following photograph on her screen.

Jennee- Do you know her?
Me- Umm.. No she's a model or something I think.
Jennee- Who is she?
Me- I don't know her name
Jennee- No you know who she is. Who is she?
Me- ummmm...
Jennee- Illaohabitch (Milla Jovovich)
Me- Oh ok
I was looked at Ravi and he looked at me and we were completely at a loss for what the hell was going on.
Jennee- Yoo ahr Illaohabitch ( which i now realize is "You are Milla Jovovich"). You look just like her. Same hair. Same eyes. Same smile. You are so beautiful just like her.

I politely thanked her and smiled. Now I know that all white people look alike to Koreans but seriously. This was as funny as when one of my dad's friends who hadn't seen me since I was a baby said I looked like I could be Drew Barrymore's sister. Now i'm not lacking self esteem here I know that I am a beautiful woman. I know that I am better looking than a lot of people ( whatever I believe it so I said it) but let's get real. I don't look like Milla Jovovich. I mean I look more like her than like Drew but wow. I am thankful for the compliment I just wonder how funny it will be if I ever meet one of her friends who believes they are going to meet a Milla Jovovich look alike. I mean I don't even know if I could say i'm a fatty version of Milla but hell maybe she'll use me for her doppelganger photo the next time that comes around on facebook.

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