Friday, March 27, 2009

It's not a phase

As i grew up i never felt like my other girlfriends felt about getting on the mommy track. I am not meant to be a domestic goddess and the idea of birthing a child freaks me out. After receiving detailed descriptions of why my friend had to have reconstructive surgery after the birth of her second child i decided it would be adoption or nothing. These are not thoughts that you are supposed to have in a heterosexual relationship though. The other day when the breadmaker and i were heading back from a trip to Vermont i stopped to check the oil and windshield washer fluid before we hit the road. I liked doing it. I don't know that i would be able to do that in a heterosexual relationship. there are so many parts of myself that I love that i could not express in a het relationship. I love my breadmaker and it makes me happy to work and go to school and provide for her. I am realistic and understand that we may not always be able to have one of us at home, but i hope that we can.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Finding comfort in sharing

This is a blog about life. my life and my observations of life that happens around me. It may be comical or sad i don't know really. When i wanted to express myself i wrote a not, folded it intricately and passed it to one of my girls in between classes. She would then pass it along to our other friends until everyone knew what was going on. I've had a firm belief that blogging is like paparazzi for the unfamous. Like my way of letting the world know all of the things that i wish they cared to know about me. Recently in an effort to help my girlfriend find comfort from others who share her experience and desire to be a housewife i found a feminist housewife blog. I also changed my outlook on blogging. I hope that someone may find comfort, humor and common ground when they read my blog. I think that a lot of my blog will be sharing my experience as a young, female, educated, working class, feminist, movie loving, lesbian, dancin' fool who loves to pretend she is a movie reviewer. there will be spelling errors and poor grammar but at least i have the courage to be imperfect.