Monday, September 14, 2009

All dogs go to.. the Neptune?

Ok so anyone who knows me knows that i am not a fan of animals. There i said it. It's more specific than animals as a whole however there are specific reasons that animals freak me out. I don't like anything that can lick it's ass and then lick my face. I have a problem with cats and their poop feet, yes, poop feet. Would you be happy if i came to your home and used the bathroom only to put my feet in the toilet and then walk around? No it's disgusting and yet it's fine for cats to do it 3, 4 even more times a day? GROSS! And then the famous line that most all pet owners have used at one time or another " you know, their tongues are cleaner than yours" Oh really? Whens the last time I sat in the middle of your living room floor licking my own genitals? I don't care if my tongue is made out of purell it's gross. So imagine my surprise well disgust really when last night two women walk into the restaurant where I am holding very furry very yippy dog. When the waitress went to seat them in my section i was going to say something however the owner realized her precious pooch shouldn't be seated so close to the infant at the next table. Now i am against dogs in public place at all. Ok i'm a horrible person whatever I HAVE ALLERGIES!!! When i come home to my parents house i have to pry my eyes open each morning because my body has been rejecting the rouge hairs and dander bits all night. When my brothers dog touches me within minutes my skin is red, puffy and feels like i've been romping around in a fiberglass sleeping bag. So when i go to have a meal or a beer I want an animal free zone. I'm not heartless no one has ever had success with a seeing eye turtle it's ok for medical necessity but seriously. An effing high chair for your dog?

This dog has its own plate full of finely chopped food and its own glass of water. I really hope that the dish washing crew at the Neptune does a top notch job on these dirty dishes. I'm sorry if i've upset any of my animal loving friends but a dog in a high chair is just too much for me to deal with. I'm not saying i will never own a dog but i'll certainly never take it into a restaurant.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Down and out

Almost everyone i know has a change jug that sits in some out of the way yet visible spot in thier home. This is the catchall for our jingle jangles at the end of the day. It's nice to look at this jug or jugs if you like to separate silver from pennies as i do. It's nice to watch the fill line slowly move to the top. Well mine has never made it to the top. Since my recent split i have found myself more broke than I've ever been. I've been taking back bottles and emptying magic hat growlers that have collected spare change for months and months. Down and out, waiting for payday one of my friends asked for my assistance to gather change, bottles and cans. Of course i said yes because such an event needs the company of somoen who would never judge you. And so we began our sweet Saturday adventure. Now we all know that even though the money from the change jug and the deposit on cans is rightfully ours there is a certain feeling that comes over you as you transfer the soon to be recycled goods from your vehicle to the cart and then into the store. Standing at the coinstar machine while everyone check out of the lines behind you can make you feel like you are on display. Pouring your change into the coinstar it is in hopes that you will too soon be checking out with various food items. Returning bottles and cans is also an adventure. No matter how much one may try to pre clean them the cans end up being sticky, smelly and germ filled. The bins get full, they don't take food club mountain dew and reaching to the bottom of the back is an at your own risk adventure. This being said what could make the event of returning bottles or filling the coin star even better? This... this is what can make it better:

This jug basically blew up the second it made contact with the cart. There were pennies rolling everywhere. The copper combined with the glass shards made the mess we had to pick up delightfully shiny in the sun. Not to mention the possible hep C we contracted as we got a number of glass splinters while we picked up what ended up being over $35.00 yes mostly pennies. Just another top notch day in the life of a 29 year old struggling to get by i guess.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I recently had a going away party at my parents house in Norwich. it was a day filled with laughs, hugs, and a few falls all of course had in good fun. It was so comforting to know that as I embark on this adventure there are so many people so willing to wish me luck.

I received a number of cards wishing me good luck.
One was so touching that i have to share it. Everyone knows that i have been having a rough past few weeks. The following words will aid me on each and every adventure i take for the rest of my life. Thank you so much.

there are those that live safe, comfortable in their secluded corners. Others burn too brightly, ache too deeply, imagine too richly to stand still. We are blessed and cursed to be among the latter. We are compelled to explore. To search life out wherever it may hide. The blue sky is too large, the stars to haunting not to.
Life is hard. it is also soul crushingly beautiful. It is better to be vulnerable, to allow ourselves love - whether another person or a moment - than to live unharmed. Heartache is a testament of a life live passionately.
Is there any other way to live?
Stay beautiful and continue to love.
... Burn

Thank you I will!