Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bigger lenses

In these days since I've announced my news that I will be moving to South Korea in the fall I've been thinking a lot about a lot of things. It isn't easy to tell people that you are leaving without leaving them. I am expanding my world view not eliminating the view that i already have. today when i arrived at my internship i was told that one of my patients died over the weekend. She developed a freak infection and was gone within 48 hours. The first thing that i thought was " what was the last thing that i said to her?" the last time that i saw her she was visiting with family and looked as she had each day that I had seen her. I popped my head in as not to interrupt and said " hey lady how's it going?" She responded with her usual "I'm doing great hun." the last words that i said to her were "Keep up the good work i'll check in with you next week". I feel ok about those being my last words. I am confident that each interaction we had was positive and helped her keep her hope alive.
Each time I interact with someone I don't know when i will speak with them again. Each e-mail or text or facebook post could be the last. What is the last thing i said to you? What is the last thing you said to me or your parents or your partner.
This is a precious thing we've got here, life, and is certainly not to be taken for granted.