Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yeah, a long long while

Well it seems as though I have forgotten about my blog altogether, but fear not i'm back! Yesterday Liz and i met our friend Laura and Carl for drinks at our favorite pub in Seoul The Wolfhound. After a number of pitchers, shots and far too much fried food we all made our way home. Oh did i mention that it was about 9:30 pm when we stumbled out? It was a pretty classic Cassie evening complete with crying, time traveling and showing the cab driver my right breast. Only after I had a complete random man in Taco Bell help me take my contacts out. You might now be saying "Jesus Cassie, you aren't 18 anymore WTF is going on over there!?!?"  Well what is going on is that i'm loving my life with good friends and a great love. We are playing to the fullest and not letting one moment of life pass us by. In fact this week is Korean Thanksgiving and we have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off so we are hitting the road. We've rented an SUV, which i'm pretty sure is going to resemble my miniature van and we are going stock up on treats from 7/11 and it's on. We are heading to the beach, heading to a mountain and most importantly we are heading to The Penis Park. Yes folks that's right an entire park dedicated to the one and only penis. If you thought the pictures from the sex museum were ridic wait for these. It is me, Liz,Laura, Carl, Brittny and her husband Michael and the photos that are going to be taken are going to embarrass even my most crude friends (hopefully). I've been working on some other blogs that will be posted soon. Hope all is well with all of my readers.