Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back in the high life again

Well, blogging has taken a back seat while I finished up my travels, visited home and moved back to Plattsburgh. I'm renting a room from a really lovely woman who goes to Florida for the winter each year. The house is over 100 years old and has a welcoming energy that made me feel right at home when I arrived. It almost feels like i moved into a house that I already lived in. From the Where the Wild Things Are painting to the fat Buddhas I love this house. This past weekend was my first weekend back and also the visit of Hurricane Irene. It poured rain all day Sunday while debris covered all of our sidewalks and streets. The damage to campus isn't devastating but it is sad to see so many of the beautiful Weeping Willows near Hawkins pond gone. BTW the building in the back ground isn't damaged it's being taken down.

Everything worked out for me getting back into the groove of school. My internship is going really well so far and I get along with my site supervisor swimmingly. I am in charge of the Ward hall Counseling Clinic which is the internship I wanted form the beginning. I get to seet clients from campus and the community. I really hope to get at least one couple or family among my clients but hopefully more.  There is also a new graduate assistant and she is really great and our personalities go together well. I'm of course missing Lizzy like crazy but we've been trying our best to Skype each day. Honestly it feels like we are in Korea again except that sadly on Friday night I won't be making us a yummy dinner while she dowloads Grey's Anatomy. Guess I'll have to settle for on campus bingo and a few pints at the Monopole. Oh who am I kidding I am really excited to play BINGO. More to come soon...