Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tattoo Schmatoo

Over the years I have seen the afterbirth of many of my friends get inked I even witnessed one in person. I have always a piercing kinda girl because I have never been able to decide on what I could/would want on my body forever. About a year ago I decided on my tattoo design but I still hadn't worked up the courage to ink it up. I spent most of my early twenties thinking  that I'd meet a nice Jew to settle down with and since I'd already be a dubbed a shiksa and I didn't want to put off a Jewish mama any more than I had to. I did meet that wonderful Jewish boy and if we both loved men as much as he does it would have been great. He's in San Francisco and I'm in Korea and now inked. Guilt free about my permanent dedication to... well... myself. I couldn't have marked my body before now because I don't think I would have been ready. It has taken me this long to really understand myself and all of the facets of my personality and whilst I continue to work to make them all blend together; I have discovered me. Little ol' me full of love and happiness. I decided that camp and being "Chuck" is something that will never leave my daily thoughts. So I finally took a day with my girl friends to get some tattoos. We stopped at a piercing shop along the way and the girls got some holes but I passed since I was really just psyching myself up for my first tat. Brittny got her first ear holes since hers close up as a child. Laura got her nose re-pierced and two holes in her upper ear. Liz got her tragus done and still had the stamina to get inked with me later on. All and all a day of good poking and no one had the scare of pregnancy.
At first I was put off by the only parlor we could find open on a Sunday. There were some women dressed in what can best be described as furry daisy dukes, young girl jumpers and uggs to complete the look. As they noshed on snacks huddled around a space heater we watched the tattoo artist sketch our potential life marks in a notebook with a calligraphy pen. I wasn't very nervous about 8 small circles freehand but I was nervous about him telling me how painful the tats would be. I got over it an it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be it felt more like a burning sensation than anything else. Well it did get bad toward the end when he had to go over the design again but I'd still get another one in a second (sorry mom and pop).

mehhhhhhhhh hehhhhhhhhhhhhh heeeeeee

Under the gun

Technically I got 4 tattoos!

Everyone needs some airholes