Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Funday

The last two Sundays I have gotten together with my buds to play. Last Sunday I started my Sunday Funday at the last FC Seoul game of the season. It was the championship game and the energy in the World Cup stadium was amazing. I was in rough shape for the first part of the game due to a little too much fun the night before in Hongdae. There were thousands of fans there clapping, chanting, singing and in general just enjoying the merriment of a championship game. Not the most comforting place for someone with a killer hangover and a headache that made every inch of my body hurt.

Brittny, Sophia and Barbara
Me and Lizzy
The FC Seoul Fan club
The fan club really helps to make the day a great time. They chant and sing and wave these huge banners. Can you imagine a sporting event in the states that would allow a fan to light up a flare in the stadium? That shit would get shut down in a second.

Flares and all
The team won the championship and although I didn't follow them the entire season I was very emotional when it became clear that they won the trophy. To thank the fans the team and their coaches bowed all the way to the ground showing the fans the ultimate respect.

The team giving the fans the ultimate bow. Very nice.
Not to worry though my hangover subsided and I joined the rest of my friends at the Wolfhound for some pitchers of Cass, yummy pub food which is always wonderful for a hangover. We laughed with each other, shared stories, mended strained relationships and made fun of people. Making fun of people is one of the things that we do best. Not just in a mean you don't deserve it way but in a "You haven't worn shoes in 6 years? You are a fucking freak" kind of way. Of course we took the time to make fun of this girl who passed out at around 7:00 pm.

Who hasn't been there.....

Yesterday we got together at the Wolfhound again to celebrate Sunday with some pitchers and laughter. This time Laura and Carl were able to join us for the entire day although some of the girls were missed because they had to be responsible and stayed home to do report cards. I really love my life here and I am so lucky to have found such good friends to have fun with. Sunday Funday can make Monday a rough way to start the week but I wouldn't trade it for a second.

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