Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Korea

In Korea there is something called Konglish. Konglish is almost a sublanguage of Korean and it is when there are English words used in Korean as if they are Korean words. One good example is orange. The Korean word for orange is o-ren-ji 오렌지. The Korean word for Christmas is  keu-ri-seu-ma-seu 크리스마스. There is a much more entertaining part of Korean language which is when English words are used in the completely wrong way. A lot of times the words are used on accident because the way that the word is said with a Korean accent sounds so close to the actually word in English. Here are some gems I've found along the way

Strawberries : a nice tasty FOOT

Is that anything like a PORK cutlet?

Yum Yum stir fried POKE

Pretty sure Todd Cole said this to me 500 times
before I left for Korea.

This is the gem of all weird English I've found since I've been here. I wonder what occasion this greeting card is meant for.
Yep you read that correctly it says Good Cock.

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