Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year was the first in a long time that I recycled a costume for Halloween. Well two actually. For school I wore the Mario costume that I created for Liz for my 30th birthday bash. I felt like The Beatles must have when they touched down in NYC. The kids were going crazy for Mario. It was difficult when we played charades though and they thought every clue was something about Mario Bros. Picture me in the Mario costume trying to act out The Korean War ( thanks to my boss and his "creative" imagination) "Mario kill" "Mario guns" "Mario breaks" "Mario Korea" it was ridic!
My kids called my "Mario teacher" all day
For Halloween fun with my friends I revamped my Rainbow Brite costume to make it fit better. Only a few people knew who I was supposed to be but I wasn't offended since most of the people we saw were Koreans or under 24.
Hanging out at Beer O'Clock
Love me some bagged drinks! 
Don't Stop Believin'
Liz's costume however was brand new. We were not sure if her costume would be offensive or not to the average viewer but no no... She was the hit of Halloween I mean how could she not be? Who is cooler than Jesus? Yes that's right my love went as Jesus and everyone loved her costume. She really hammed it up too which was awesome.She was blessing people and "saving" people all night long. Our cab driver thought it was especially funny when I said "Jesus" and Liz responded " Las Vegas". We are completely ok with going to hell if there is one because this was a damn good costume.
Yes, even made some water into wine
We has to walk a couple of blocks to get to Beer O'Clock and the looks and comments were really funny. One girl simply looked at Liz and in a very aww filled voice said " Jesus Christ?" It was really great.
That lady is about to slap you for making
her sell fruit at the subway entrance.
It was hard for me to look at her because I just kept laughing.

Jesus saves yet another Korean Cowboy

Jesus and Rainbow Brite get a photo
with Buck and Go-Go from Kill Bill aka two of our
best buds

Jesus getting his groove on

Jesus even had enough time to dance with some nuns
Overall it was a really great Halloween. We had a fun time as usual and even though there was a fair bit of drama the combination of rainbow stars, a spiked weapon, Long Island's in a bag, kebabs, a vixen, a male nurse, a ninja, two awesome cab drivers and... well... Jesus made for a great time with great people.Thanks Y'all.
Yep pretty much the best costumes ever!

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