Friday, December 31, 2010

Laura's Birthday Celebration

Well it has been quite some time since my last post so I'll update you on my life since Thanksgiving. I feel like the Andrews car curse has been passed on to me but with electronics. My camera has a broken lens, the LCD on Liz's kick ass big ol' camera broke, my computer had to have the memory replace and both of my watches have died. So needless to say many of the photos in this post have been stolen from my friends (thanks everyone).
So the next big event after Thanksgiving was Laura's 24th birthday celebration. The theme was dress to impress so of course I went all out. Everyone knows how much i love feather boas so you know I was psyched when I found this super sweet headband!
The most fabulous and ridiculous headband ever!
Laura came to my apartment early we had lovely strawberry pomegranate cocktails and a mini birthday cake while I helped her get her hair did right complete with Tiara. 
Liz decided to rock her magenta skull fedora again and go the sexy mobster route with her dress up outfit. OH and in case you hadn't noticed we like to take photos in parking garage's and such. 
Yeah this is going to be a good night!
We then me the rest of the crew at On the Border which is a great Mexican Restaurant in Sincheon. The service was a wee bit slow but that didn't stop us form having a great time. After dinner we went to Hongdae to dance our asses off till about 4:00 am. A great time was had by all and the Birthday girl had a great night which is all that matters!
Dave, Laura 2, Tim, Brittny, Wade, Maresha,
Liz, Me, Carl, Laura (Birthday Girl), Barbara, Sophia, Nuala

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