Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Part I

I was not feeling very christmasy at all this year. It's hard being away from the comforts of home and I didn't do gifts this year for anyone so I wasn't wrapping and getting all excited. Liz and I are going to see Eric Clapton and going to Hong Kong in February so we decided no gifts just yet.  Lizzy had been feeling pretty much the same way so I decided to make us an advent calendar and fill it with small trinkets and gifts to try to get us Christmased up. I cannot take credit for the numbers Liz did all of those without a stencil. I love it!
I'm a crafty little devil!
Next up on the holiday schedule was my school Christmas party.Now we all know that I'm not the biggest fan of my work environment or most of my co-workers but it did prove to be a great night. We had a budget of $50.00 which is a little excessive for a holiday party but whatever. The co worker I bought for is named Martha and she wanted a really expensive face wash. She loved it!
Martha co-teaches 5 of my classes with me
My one friend from work Josh had me so he knew exactly what to get me to make my Christmas. Purple Converse chucks and a gift card for Starbucks.
Always psyched to get new chucks
After dinner and more Soju than I care to think about we headed to Norebang. We had a decent time although my one co worker who is mayor of douchebag city kind ruined it by singing out of tune and just in general being a jerk. The following photo is proof that the holiday spirit brings people together.
Me and my boss Brian singing Journey together
Laura's mom was in town visiting from Maryland and the next evening she took us out for a delicious meal at our favorite German restaurant Chef Meili's in Itaewon. We gorged ourselves on salmon, Cordon Bleu, Stroganoff and of course decadent desserts all prepared in house. We also had the "treat" of home made schnapps. It was what I have always imagined moonshine to taste and feel like. My entire body was warm and my cheeks were instantly red.
Getting ready for our schnapps
none of us were really ready
Liz and I tired and tried to get a good photo of us. We have decided that this should be our holiday card photo next year.
Merry Christmas from Wierdoville
This one is much better
Then we had a Yankee swap to exchange gifts. Among the loot was a tiger paint by number, drinking straw glasses, hello kitty speakers and a Starbucks mug. Liz had number one and got this electronic luggage weigher which she switched with me for a teddy bear blanket and some peanut M&M's at the very end of the game. Either way we both get to share the gifts anyway. 
We have yet to weight luggage with it but we will use it for sure
Look I'm a bear
After the gifts we got a beer at Polly's and did a little dancing and then everyone headed home. It was a wonderful way to start my holiday celebrations.

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