Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas time part II

Over the holiday I volunteered to watch a co-worker's pet while he went to the states. Everyone knows i'm not a big animal fan but I figured a hedgehog was pretty safe since it sleeps like 20 hours a day. What I failed to realize was that the four hours a day the little fucker is up are midnight to 4:00am. I don't know what he was doing in there but he kept Liz and me up with his shenanigans every night. We would wake up in the morning to a cage covered in pellet food, little logs of poo and his water dish spilled and soaking the towel he slept under most of the day. Well.. he was at least cute and cuddly right? Let's just say that to touch him I had to wear hot mitts AND wrap him in a towel and his spikes still poked through to my skin.
Yeah! He's awesome! 
  Christmas day I went to a wedding with Liz and Barbara for one of the Korean teachers from TTT. Korean weddings are a whole other blog, believe me. After the wedding we met up with CeCe for a night of me being awesome. Awesome of course means drinking games, dancing with strangers and tough talking people into drinking.
  Laura had told us about a really neat tea shop in Insadong where birds were fly around. So Liz and I spent a day walking around with our ultimate destination The Old Tea Shop. We first went to see the Christmas decorations down town. I took a photo of Liz that I love so much I have to share it.
Yeah she's a spy in her spare time

Thank you to all of my friends with Citibank
school loans. You made this tree happen!
It was a very interesting experience for sure. The birds were swooping and pooping all around us. They helped themselves to our rice cakes and taunted a cat that was out on the ledge of the building. It was a neat place but not very fatty friendly. We were lucky to get a table by the window.
Hello little birdies

Birdie eating our rice cakes
I've shared how much Koreans love poop and how poop adorns a lot or the merchandise here including socks, key chains and toothpaste. I thought the tooth paste was about the strangest I would see but no, no! Look at this yummy treat I think JJ's should look into these for their next new pie. I think it would go over well with the stoners who actually by those little gems at Nice 'N Easy.
Yeah! Poop cake.

Nom, Nom, Nom

Look at this wrapper closely
the upper right under the black label in particular

At the wedding Liz's old boss Cindy asked us to go to the movies with her and of course we said yes to a free movie. After the movie we joined Cindy and her husband Big Tiger (yes, his actual name) for korean pancakes and Soju. We then went to the hof in Wolgok where we met up with some Korean construction workers who were very impressed by our game of crazy 8's and kept the beer flowing for us all night.
Crazy 8's with Liz and Sam
It's not the beer we're really that happy

The crew minus Barbara who was the photographer
Overall the days surrounding Christmas were very relaxing and wonderful.

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