Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who wants to die?

Watching the second England game in Bupyeong after Carl's
birthday party. When you live in South Korea the games start at
about 3:00 am. WooHoo!!

So this year was the World Cup held in South Africa. Since I am in love with British girl I became a fan. Yes, I will admit at first I watched the games to support her and her homeland but I ended up really liking it. I found that football is a really fun sport. The atmosphere that exists in a pub when one is surrounded by other England fans is a truly energizing experience. It was something I had never experienced in the states even though I have watch many many sporting events. The closest thing I have experienced is when our whole country will get behind an athlete during the Olympics. The adventure that began at the start of each game was electric. Everyone singing Queen and Oasis. Fans wearing a variety of England gear lifting pints in the air to toast the hope of a win for the three lions.  I wanted a tape of the joy that was taking place singing together with hope for the second half of the game. Pay attention to the end part of the video and you will see why I call this the "who might kill Cassie tonight" video. 

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