Wednesday, October 6, 2010

all in a year

A year ago I came to Korea for the first time. It was not only my first time living in another country it was my first passport stamp. I really jumped in head first for this adventure and what an amazing adventure it has been.

I used to only like super ripe mushy bananas
  and my food could never touch
I couldn't imagine a subway where my money didn't pay for turkey on wheat
   and I knew more about hail storms than hailing a cab
I used to only want Butch's wings, my dad's scrambled eggs and my mom's taco salads..
  well that hasn't changed but I crave gabli, gimbop and kimchi chigae.
I used to never imagine that i could be so far away from home
  and I would have never missed a wedding or the chance to be a bridesmaid
Now I know that home is anywhere that has the right cast and being an international consultant for a wedding can be fun too.
I used to only dream of the future when things would be better
 Now I understand how to be happy now and live each day each each day
I used to know how to love everyone else so much better than myself
Now I know that when you find the person that you love more than anyone it's because you finally love yourself.
I miss so many things about my life at home and I can't wait to eat some Vermont cheese with New York Apples and California Wine. I can't wait to drive around the back roads of Chenango County singing my heart out. I can't wait to listen to my dad and brother sing at the pub while everyone sings along. I can't wait to drink a bucket of margaritas with my sisters. I can't wait for dinner at Nina's with my other sisters. There are so many things that I miss about being home but there is so much of the world that i might miss if i were. Thank you everyone who has supported and continues to support me on this journey because as hard as it might be to hear I don't plan on stopping no I'm having such a  good time!

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