Monday, October 4, 2010

Time to love one another right now!

E Pluribus Unum out of many one.
One people. One love. One Nation.
E Pluribus Unum out of many one.
The eagle under this message carries the power of peace and war in his talons. You cannot have one without the other. Without war, how would we know peace?  Without homos, how would you know you were straight? Without lesbian love, how would you know yours is deserving of a marriage certificate? Without gender, queers how you would know you are a “real” man or woman.  Without making a tape of a private moment in someone’s life how would those other two students have known that they were funny? If we really are ONE out of many then why are there still people without equal rights? If we are really ONE then why aren’t we all Americans? Why do we feel the need to break it down by pigment? If we are really ONE then we should all hurt when those without insurance have to decide if food or prescriptions are more important each month. If we are really ONE then we, should all feel sad that members of our country are denied benefits and the right to marriage because of the gender of their life partner? If we are really ONE then we should all make millions of dollars for talking about food, skin care, perfume and clothing brands we love. If we are really ONE then we should all feel the humiliation of what it would be like to have a photo of us, one the best night of our life doctored by a racist fuck and sent around to everyone it could reach. If we really are ONE then we should feel scared every night when we go to bed the way our troops overseas do, if they get to go to bed. If we really are ONE then we should all feel the embarrassment of having a tape of our intimacy posted online for anyone to see. I we are ONE then we should all feel awful that we have raised children that would make a sex tape of someone and that we raised a child who was so scared and upset about that tape that the only thing he could think to do  was take his own life. We are not a nation of ONE. We are a nation of many who have yet to understand ONE. WHOLE. TOGETHER.  Save the earth, burn crosses, socialize healthcare, don’t eat meat, eat a bison, ban guns, keep your guns, smoke pot, smoke cigarettes  drive a hybrid, drive a Hummer, watch football, watch birds, drink coffee, drink water from Fiji, protest the terrorist abroad, protest the terrorist in the government, have a baby, have ten but for fucks sake let’s all figure out how to live as ONE. We need to let the eagle fly with its talons at an equal height and let peace and war coexist so that we can coexist. We do not have to love everyone we just have to love our country. We have to love the UNITED States of America enough to respect our ancestors enough to become ONE out of many. When we continue to let our children die because they are afraid to stop being one of the many and become part of the ONE then we are not living up to our pledge. We are not being good citizens. We are not being good people. We are not being forward thinkers and we sure as fuck are not being good Americans! 

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