Sunday, October 17, 2010

Land of 1000 Buddha's

Brittny, Buddha, Liz, Laura, Carl and me.
Pretty good for a self timer photo. 

Today My crew and I went to an awesome temple in Gongju, South Korea. this place is a relative secret to foreign teachers and other visitors here. It is known for being the home of 333,333 Buddha statues. It Is amazing. 

Some of the Gold Buddha's through the trees.
You can see the little Buddha's behind them too. 

This Buddha of good fortune had coins all over him.
Even in his mouth.
Hey get up buddy.

 It  is very cool to see these huge statues poking out all over the hillside. Or laying down in the case of this reclining Buddha.


My second favorite fatty!
 Fortune Buddha is my favorite Buddha. Not even because of the fortune aspect. Each time I see him I get a smile on my face. He's just so happy. 
  There are thousands of these chimes all over the place. When the wind blows it creates the most phenominal essence of peace and joy. 
There is no better way to wrap up a day with friends and Buddha statues of all sizes then to realize that the car in front of us on the way home had Jesus in their trunk. I don't want to say that my Buddha experience can be summed up with an 80's movie quote but in my best Patrick Swayze voice i'll say, "Nobody puts Buddha in a trunk."


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