Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lovely Luang Prabang

We arrived in Luang Prabang, Laos after our bus ride from hell and we all crashed hard. The next morning we were up bright and early after Brittny accidentally locked herself out on our porch and I had to get up to let her in. We pretty much just chilled out and caught up on sleep, blogs and relaxation. The next day we went on yet another boat trip on the Mekong river. This time we went to a "Whisky Village" which was basically an old guy with five 10 gallon drums of rotten rice heating up his own moonshine oh I'm sorry "rice whiskey". I have never had a drink that heated my body up so quickly and made my legs and arms spontaneously jerk like that. Yowzahas. Next we stopped at a cave with thousands of Buddha figurines in it. It was pretty cool and I got some good photos but it wasn't spectacular. One of the men on our tour became our bff quickly. Glenn is a funeral director from Atlanta, Georgia and although a bit strange he was completely harmless. He invited us to dinner at his guest house and we are not ones to turn down free food. He got a whole bunch of yummy things from the local night market and of course we had some Beer Lao to wash it down.

Buddha Buddha everywhere

Mekong River in the background

The next day it was off to a beautiful waterfall and bear sanctuary. I swam in a waterfall how freaking cool! The Moon bears are in captivity because there are so few of them left in the world that they need to be protected. their gallbladder juices are still used in many oriental medicines so these poor little guys (and girls) are often put in cages and never allowed out so it was nice to see a few playing and relaxing together. The waterfall was cool and so relaxing. I never thought in my life I'd be climbing on rocks and jumping into a whirlpool at the base of a waterfall. (Out of my comfort zone experience #4). Don't let the photos fool you that sucker was flowing with some serious force. It was so freaking cool I still can't get over it.
After our waterfall fun we saw a snake and after a couple of cool photos i touched it. Gahh I touched a snake!!! (out of my comfort zone experience #5).
Hey mister
So beautiful and cool!
He was very soft smooth

My signature pose

Totem time

Take that Cindy Crawford!

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