Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Father

Happy Fathers Day Pops!
 There is a song between a father and his daughter that never has to be sung. It started long before either of them met each other or knew themselves. The tune is not known until their journey together has created it. It’s a song that sounds like love and is played with courage. There is no known melody and the tune can change as quickly as the seasons. The longer the song is played the easier it becomes to forgive and to forget what you are forgiving each other for. There is no blame in the father daughter song, only miscommunication that makes the song out of tune. As we learn to play this song together, please remember that I am who I am because I am your daughter and if you didn’t make mistakes I wouldn’t be perfectly me. Our song will play and play and eventually we will know how to sing it together the way that it was written long before we knew each other.
Love, Bugs

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