Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Later Laos heading back to BKK

What the hell have I been doing? How could I leave all of my faithful followers for so long without updates. Well the truth is I've been too damn busy and when I have had time to relax the thought of sitting at a computer just didn't appeal to me. Well let me see now.. I last wrote about Laos and our trip to get there. After Luang Prabang we headed to Vang Vieng. Once again our travel was interrupted. An accident had happened that shut the narrow road we were on down for over an hour. We finally got moving again only to come upon another accident about 15 minutes later. I was convinced we would never make it to Vang Vieng. I was excited for VV because it is know as a great place to go tubing. We unfortunately arrived during a terrible 2 day downpour and were not able to partake. Vang Vieng is also know for "magic shakes" and playing Friends on a constant loop in every bar there. While I would gladly watch Friends for days at a time some of the bars realized not everyone would. Many of the bars have taken to playing Family Guy on repeat. For some reason none of the Friends bars had wifi so I was stuck with Family Guy which is one of my least favorite television shows ever. I know, I know it's soooooooooooo funny but I just don't agree. On our second day there with no chance of rafting in site Laura and I decided to partake in some magic shakes.  I don't really know what the recipe is but let me tell ya there are more ingredients than were added to our happy pizza in Siem Riep. Within an hour I was out of my god damn mind. Family Guy began to look like it was created by Picasso and my entire body felt like mush and I became convinced that the mildew drenched pillow that I was sitting on was the only thing keeping my body from melting through the floor. I was prepared for a little buzz not a full on experience that only ended once I got back into my bed and shut 'er down. Oh it was like 7:30 pm by the way.
Next stop in Laos was Vientiane. We did some sight seeing and ate some amazing food at a bakery there. On Brittny's last proper night out we went to a bar with a live band and really tied one on. Picture a dimly lit bar with small tables and even smaller votive candles lighting the way for the couples to sip their cocktails and whisper quietly to each other. Cut to the four of us singing along to the band drinking G&Ts and beer and eventually getting up and dancing like our lives depended on it. It was a blast and we can say we sent Brit out in a proper way for sure. Liz and I got back to the hotel before the other two and decided to place all of the figurines and plants from our hallway in front of their door. Oh we are just a hoot aren't we?

Me at somethingorother

Liz and me at what Vientiane calls their biggest mistake

No joke dancing for our lives

awwww yeah
I must have a million photos of me in this pose
haha so sneaky!
Finally we hopped a night train heading to Bangkok. We had a waitress who was far too enthusiastic but made our meal times fun.
This ride brought to you by Change beer
Super fun, Super Fon
It felt like I was heading home. I had only spent a few days there at the beginning of our trip but I knew things that made it feel welcoming. I knew where to get sunscreen without a whitening effect and where to got to get meds for my ever increasing ear pain ( it was strep ear and I'm fine now thanks to Z-pack) and of course I knew where to get a motherfuckin' double cheeseburger. Yes Korea had McDs but no doublecheese. Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos are all McDonald's free so yes I'll admit it I was psyched for a double cheeseburger with a 7/11 slurpee for dessert. I know I'm a fatty but when you are so far from home and have been for so long something like McDonald's can completely help ease the homesick feeling. Screw American as apple pie it should be American as a McDonald's double cheeseburger meal!

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  1. lol I agree with everything you said about the happy shakes, and DOUBLE F'N CHEESE!