Monday, April 25, 2011

Girl put your backpack on

I'm sitting in my apartment looking at cardboard boxes ready for the post, a ring of dirt on the floor where my Air Conditioner once stood and a backpack that is going to hold my life for the next four and a half months. I can't believe that a year ago I was recovering from a week in a Korean hospital wondering what my future in Korea would look like. I saw a number of changes in my immediate future but I never thought a year from that time I'd be getting ready to head out on an adventure that most people could only dream of. My travel companions and I may nod have matching haircuts but we are certainly a fab four! Our personalities are different enough to learn from each other but similar enough to get along well. We can turn to one another and cry, laugh, bitch, judge or whatever. I am very lucky to have found these three ladies and I love them all very much; let's hope that I still do after backpacking together.
May 6-7 we will be once again returning to Deokjeokdo  "the island" off of the coast on Incheon. We went last year and had a blast so we decided that since the four of us are leaving we should really say good bye to Korea right. Laying on the beach tih great friends and a bottle of Absenth sounds like a good way to say good bye.  Then on May 10 Liz, Laura and I will be heading to Bangkok, Thailand to spend a week before Brittny joins us. After we get our fourth travel buddy then we will be heading to Cambodia for a couple of weeks. Then onto Vietnam where we will travel up the coast to Hanoi. Then on to Laos and back into Thailand before flying to London on July 28. Hopefully We will get a chance to head to Ireland but if not we will at least get to explore England and Scotland before flying back to New York on August 15. I am so excited to spend my birthday in the UK! I'm so excited for this trip in general that I've been having a hard time sleeping! Don't get em wrong i am very excited to see my family and friends again but I want to ride this ride as long as I can.

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