Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's my wall and I'll say what I want to!

I'm not really sure what Facebook has become. When I first started on this lovely networking site I viewed a "wall" as a conversation board. Now I know it's not. I have posted things that have caused rifts in 20 year friendships and I have seen feeds get completely out of control. Recently I have started to be uncomfortable with and sensor what I've wanted to write for fear of the backlash I will receive from friends and relatives who see the world from a different view than I do.
The bottom line is this is my wall, my blog, my voice and I will no longer hold back what I want to say but frankly sirs and madams YOU SHOULD! I know that you don't agree with me and I ignore that so that we can remain friends. I would never shut someone out for having different beliefs that I do but please If I post something you don't like just keep quiet and I will show you the same respect. If I post something that is so upsetting that you cannot keep quiet then privately message me please.
That being said... here are all of the things that I have been keeping inside.

I think Obama is a good president!

Red Friday? Are you fucking kidding me? We are supporting our troops by wearing the color that has been historically communist! Isn't that one of the reasons why the USA continually fights? The fear of communism?Remember Hitler's cute red arm bands? Red China isn't just a clever nickname! Or possibly we are combining the love of our troops with raising awareness for AIDS and AIDS research. I want the men and women fighting across the world to be free from the the torment of war. War creates in unbelievable amount of destruction to the physical and mental landscape of the land and everyone involved. I do support our troops. I support anyone who stand up to fight for their country. I think Red day is ridonkulous.

Obama is not a communist. Socialism is not a communist theory in fact its is what our country was founded on. The idea that every citizen should have a say in what happens around them. Each citizen should have access to the same resources. What happened? We have been trying to prove that we made it without England's help for so long that we've lost sight of one uping the Brits and now we are one uping the Jones'. We are so focused on being the best that we aren't supporting each other anymore. Most of us don't even know our neighbors names.Well, no one makes it to the top alone. In England if one gets sick they go to the doctor. End of. No worries about where the money will come form or if they are in network. That's socialism.

One does not need to be a devote Christian to believe in the "golden rule" we learned it in kindergarten. I try to treat everyone the way that I want to be treated. I am a judger and I would never say that I am amazing and friendly to everyone but in general I try to create a welcoming environment around me. The next time that you call some where and someone with a foreign accent answers please take a deep breath and relax. I have been an immigrant for over a year. I AM that foreigner who is in someone else's country taking a job from a Korean. I get paid more and have more vacation than my Korean co-workers. I don't know how to communicate with more than a smile and a bow. I can't speak to my students parents about issues that arise. I am the person that orders a McChicken with a thick accent and the people of Korea have been nothing but understanding. I am nervous for my students who have a dream of going to the USA. I fear that they will be treated poorly because they have almond eyes and say changey instead of change. People won't understand that the women's short skirts aren't an invitation for sex or that there is no difference between club attire and work attire in Korea. My country needs to buck up and realize that we aren't a white, heterosexual, Christian nation anymore. We need to start referring to anyone that lives in our country as American. That's it. No African, Mexican, Irish, Polish whatever just fucking Americans.If you are a citizen you are American. END OF! One does not need to lose their past to create an inclusive future.

I want to be allowed to marry the person I love. I want to have the same access to health care, tax cuts and happiness that heterosexuals do. I want to be able to live with the woman I love in a place that recognizes the quality of our relationship and lets me in the room if she has to have surgery (and I want the government to pay for that surgery too). I don't want her to have to adopt a baby that we have together because she isn't considered a parent.

Guns are bullshit. Hunting for food is a different story. I love living in a country without guns. It makes me feel so much safer than being home. Keep your guns in case there is some socialist revolution and we come running at you with universal healthcare.

Not all home school families are religious freaks. It is an amazing way to create a strong family and emotionally stable children. No one thinks Laura Ingalls Wilder was a freak!

I'm 30. I'm not married. I don't have children. If my government has anything to do with it I never will. I am smart, beautiful, friendly and I live a life that is for me. When I am 70 I will be sitting in a rocker telling stories about my adventures and I know I won't regret a single moment of my nomadic life. If you had the courage where would you go?

Ok i'll step down now. Thank You. Stay beautiful and please have the courage to be imperfect!

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