Sunday, April 24, 2011

A waist is a terrible thing to mind

Dear Ladies,
Glorious creatures who fill our world with beauty, love and and life please throw away your scales, mirrors and notions of what others think of beauty. Breath deep and remember that you are designed for life whether you choose to to procreate or not. So let's celebrate those hips, that ass and the glory that are breasts. After a long day of girl talk yesterday I was sitting on the train having a very Carrie Bradshaw moment. I got to thinking about what our world would be like if women didn't have access to scales, mirrors  or if they woke up feeling like I do each day. Now I'm not saying that every day I feel great. I have days when even a pony tail won't make my frizz look better. I wish I didn't have granny hairs on my chin and I'd feel better about twenty pounds lighter. Overall though I feel beautiful and confident and I always have. Even when was close to 400lbs I never sat on the sidelines because of my weight. I love dancing and swimming and I never understood how much much thinner friends felt uncomfortable having fun. Even after my surgery and down 160+ pounds I am still the fattest girl in most situations. I just don't get how my thin friends, some thin to the point of not looking healthy anymore, feel uncomfortable when I'm around. I'm the fatty. If people are looking at our friend group and making fun of anyone because of their weight it's me fatty McGee! The difference is that I don't care. Anyone who is sitting in a booth making fun of me because I'm dancing is missing out on fun. If I go out on a given night and someone doesn't hit on me it doesn't ruin my night. It does feel nice when someone hits on me or compliments me but I think that if a woman doesn't  feel beautiful on her own, those compliments are like liquor.. false confidence.
Don't have false confidence ladies. PLEASE! People who love women LOVE women. We love your eyes, your hair, your thoughts, your smile, your quirky style, your out of tune singing and yes we love love love your bodies. Would you ever go up to someone that you weren't attracted to in any way and ask them to go home with you? Do you think we don't know about spanx and push up bras? Do you think we don't know about gravity? We know that your boobs are going to pancake to the sides when you lay down  and it's ok! If  we want a woman who has perky boobs all the time that's the kind of woman we will go for. We are going to approach the women that we think are beautiful. If we want a woman that we can have great sex with, laugh with and be able to look in the eye even after some gas comes out in the heat of passion we are going to go for the woman who is having a good time. The woman who might be sweaty when she dances but whose smile is wide and full of life. We want the woman who can throw her head back and laugh at herself. We want a woman who lets us adore her in bed. That doesn't mean that you should ever let someone do something that you don't want to do but if it's something you want please don't be worried about what your body looks like in the light, on your side, from the back, upside down or whatever angle you get into PLEASE relax! Please let go of your inhabitians and hold onto us. Let us love you! We know what women's bodies look like and how they work. We all learned about pubic hair in 4th grade and while maintenece is one thing  cutting one's asshole during a shave is ridonkulous. How am i supossed to comfort her? Is this what body image issues have come to? It's not nerves about armpit fat or a "muffin top" it's a hairless asshole. I really don't even know what to say! We want to love you and celebrate your beauty and to love you completely you need to love your body!
Love yourself if you are fat, thin, tall, short even if you got your hair dyed and it looks fucktarded. Stop being self destructive. Don't use food (or lack of as a way to punish yourself). Please start  loving your bodies so that we can love your bodies and give you the good lovin' that you deserve.

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