Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goodbye Korea Hello Bangkok

Thanks for the photo Tiffany
Well, a year has finally passed and yesterday I said goodbye to Korea and see you later to a lot of wonderful friends. For our last big blow out weekend in Korea we spend some time on Deokjeokdo Island eating a lot of yummy food and drinking. Perhaps a little too much since I passed out at around 7:00 pm and missed out on most of the evening. Well I blame our little friend absinthe for that. I may have only had one shot but boy howdy did that do me in. I did have a great time celebrating my time here with old friends and meeting new ones so thank to all who made it a stellar going away bash.
Now I am in Bangkok, Thailand with Liz and Laura listening to the rain pour down outside of our hostel. With minimal Internet I checked in with the folks, checked Facebook and got Brittny (our fourth travel buddy) psyched for her arrival. If you have ever seen the opening scene of The Beach, Leo is offered snake blood on Khaosan Road and that is exactly where I am right now (well a few blocks but close enough). It truly is a place where one can buy everything from fried crickets to dreadlocks. A street that entices every sense and vice with the same intensity. The dance music blaring out of the bars and stalls magnifies to the other stimuli ten fold. While we sat at an outside bar drinking some Chang beers I couldn't even hold a conversation because I was so intrigued by all of the people walking, drinking, eating, laughing, hustling and ... living.
Each person that I see makes me want to talk, listen and learn their stories. Everyone is here for a reason and whether it is to escape, find oneself or just have a great time there are characters around every corner. The topless sunbathers are far more attractive that the topless man who carries a water gun and looks like the 60's were far too good to him. There are people of all ages shapes and sizes which is pretty different from what I've seen for the last year in Korea. I love the food and the fact that a plate of Pad Thai is made fresh in front of me for roughly 3 bucks and it comes with a spring roll. In a nutshell Thailand is totally my kind of place and even though I am still here I already can't wait to come back.
Earlier today we went to a hostel that has a roof top pool and bar. Yeah, OK, we weren't guests at the hostel but Laura let her puppies out so who would really kick us out with a nice set flying free? I had an awesome red curry for lunch and am excited to have a few Chang beers tonight. This morning we went to get manicures and pedicures. I have always wanted to get one of those fish pedicures and today I had the chance so why not? It was actually a really cool feeling and although it was very ticklish it wasn't nearly as bad as a regular pedicure. It lasted for about 20 minutes and was well worth the six bucks.
Tomorrow we head off to Koh Chang which is an island off of the coast of Thailand. there we will soak in the sun (don't worry I'll wear plenty of sun screen), relax in the sand and just really get into the beachy kind of life. I'm pretty much in love with Thailand so far. I'll write more when I can. If you want to keep up with what's happening you can check out my travel bud Laura's blog too.

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