Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What the Martha?

I'm waiting around the house before I go to babysit for a friend and i turn the television on right at the beginning of Martha Stewart. Now it's no secret that my girlfriend is a little in love with Martha so i decided i'd keep watching to see what's so great about the lady. I understand her love of Rachel maddow i mean come one she's great but marther? Really? We all know that Martha woman is known to make crafts and home furnishings out of just about anything one can imagine. She was even rumored to have crafted gifts for her cell friends in the pen. During her opening sequence she is talking to her version of Gelman about what she had for dinner last night. I'm thinking well i was pretty proud of my homemade gimbap and granola but she probably made some homemade soup stock our of old wrapping paper or something. Nope. Do you know what she ate for dinner last night? Even if Martha decided to whip up something easy like a pizza it would be made with fancy cheese, roasted tomatoes and some seasonal veggies. NOPE. Martha frickin' Stewart ate sardines. Out of a can. granted she jazzed it up with a little fresh lemon but seriously. Sardines out of a can? Isn't that the stereotypical fav. food of the homeless crazies that live on trains and talk to stray cats. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that Martha shared this "dinner" with her two cats. For fucks sake Martha can't you whip yourself up some friends? I mean even at my lowest low I've never sat around sharing sardines with my turtles.

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