Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It's been over a month since Colleen,my Breadmaker, took a job at a camp in the Catskills. She makes all of our food from scratch from delicious bread (hence the nickname) to butter and of course yummy cookies and treats. When she left for camp she left me a list of recipes so that i could eat food that tastes good and is good for me. I of course reverted to my bachelorette days of eating only items that come out of a box or some other kitchen. I have terrible eating habits. For example i will buy a box of cereal and eat only that cereal for each meal until ti is gone. Of course there are trips to get pizza and nabbing bagels and croissants out of the donation bucket at work. I surprisingly enough have eaten very little fast food. not only is it expensive but frankly after eating such good food it is rather disappointing. Each day when i walk in the door there are her recipes stuck with magnets to the refrigerator door mocking me. They say, " hey fucko why don't you stop feeling sorry for yourself and make us", " Stop eating crap and make yourself something good" and my personal favorite," cheese should not be the staple of your diet, what would the Colleen think?"
Today i finally broke down and realized that eating Special K three meals a day won't bring Colleen home. I crave good food but have been longing for my love to return home so badly that I've been depriving myself of yummy nom noms. So i took the recipes down off of the fridge and even created one of my own.

Here goes nothin'

First task Granola:
Step one: Mixed Oats, almond slivers,pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, poppy seeds,maple syrup, canola oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and spread out on baking sheets.

Step Two: Bake for 10- 15 minutes until golden brown

Next task: Gimbap or kimbap
This is a popular Korean "fast" food made from steamed white rice (bap) and various other ingredients, rolled in gim (sheets of dried seaweed) and served cold in bite-size slices. Gimbap is often eaten during picnics or outdoor events, or as a light lunch.

I chose Eggs, red pepper, carrots and cucumbers

First I lightly painted sesame oil on the sheet of dried seaweed

I then added sesame seeds and white rice

Now time to add my veggies and protein

Finished product is a roll. these didn't come out looking too amazing but they taste delicious!

Of course i had left overs so i threw in some balsamic vinegar and a lil salt and pepper and made a pretty tasty summer salad

I'm really proud of my accomplishments in the kitchen today still i'd rather have food made with love by my sweetie!

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  1. MMmmm Kimbap. My parents used to drive us to a Korean Restaurant in Binghamton to eat that. I used to love it! (still do!)