Sunday, August 9, 2009

Julie & Julia 5 stars

I went to the movies last night and saw Julie & Julia which is a movie based on two true stories. The story of Julia Child a woman who can be credited with changing the way American women cook. The other is the story of a blogger named Julie who challenges herself to prepare each recipe in Julia Child's cookbook in a year. 365 days to complete over 500 recipes from hollandaise sauce to deboning a duck. The feel in the theater was warm and comfortable in spite of the cold chill pumpin' out of the central air. There were deep hearty laughs, audible ohhs and ahhs and of course a few sniffles and for once it wasn't just from me. Everyone in the theater was really into the movie. The movie was about food and exploration of self and love.Both Julie and Julia were luck enough to find their soul mates. They each found that one person that made their heart skip a beat. I really liked that this movie explored the hard part of love. There is something about finding one's soul mate that creates a mysticism that everything is all sunshine and rainbows. It is hard work to be love. It is a challenge to navigate the world side by side with someone no matter how perfect that person is for you. This movie showed that if you believe in love you will make it through anything. together.

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