Monday, September 17, 2012

Life in the Emerald City

Well I’ve been in Seattle a little over a week and I have been pretty active so far. Looking for jobs is a bummer and I have been sending out at least one cover letter and resume a day which may not seems like a big deal but it’s a full time job in itself. I wish that I could just talk to the people that are hiring because I know that I can sell myself so well in person. It will happen and right now I’m not freaking out about it I’m just learning about my new home.
I am living with one of my oldest friends from Amahami and her family which includes her partner who is awesome and can put my potty mouth to shame any day of the week and their son who is like a tiny Godzilla. I didn’t think that I would enjoy living with a toddler at all but so far we are pretty good buddies. I am learning about farting dogs, kids music that does't suck, snack traps and stomp rockets from an expert!
My second day here I attended the SlutWalk which is an international campaign to end slut shaming and victim blaming. Basically it doesn’t matter how one acts or looks there is no excuse for violence ever. I was happy that my good buddy Carl that I met in Korea decided to join me. He jumped right in and volunteered to be a chant leader for the march. His megaphone didn’t work which is pretty on par for Carl’s luck but we were louder without it to be honest. I met up with a new friend I’d met online and the three of us went to Pike Place market for some Greek food and people watching. A lovely little Sunday of sluts and souvlaki.

We blame the victim not the perpetrator 
I have decided that a great way to get involved and learn about my new city is to volunteer as much as possible. I have signed up to help with the Fremont Oktoberfest, The North West Chocolate Festival and this past weekend I volunteered at the Food Truck Rodeo. 45 food trucks got together for an awesome display of food goodness. My favorite was Off the Rez which made tacos on Native American fry bread. The pulled pork was perfectly cooked and the beans and veg in the veggie were seasoned well. The show stopper was by far the sweet fry bread which was drenched in a thick lemon curd. I had a food orgasm in my mouth and I will be tracking that truck down all over this city!

I went out dancing on Saturday night with my new friend Avery. The event is held bimonthly and is called Hot Flash: a night for seasoned lesbians and their admirers. So basically older Lesbos rockin’ out in their mom jeans and socks with birks mullets not required but welcomed. It was one of the best people watching events I’ve attended in a long time and I can’t wait to go back. Any place that I can drink ice cold Magners, belt out cheesy pop music and watch gorgeous go-go dancers...I’m in.

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  1. You know I've been wondering how Seattle was treating you - thanks for the update! I really enjoy your writing. Be well!