Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Letters

Years ago before we had the use of the internet, telephone and other means of communication people would write love letters when they were separated from their beloved. They would use ink to permanently write the thoughts that they had to keep close while hundreds sometimes thousands of miles apart. I believe that the ease of which love can happen in present time has taken away from the sweetness that it is to hold someone's heart and treasure it. It is easy to send someone an e-mail or a text message that say "Love you babe" or "thinking about you" there however is an art to a real genuine love letter.
Everything about a love letter has meaning from the stationary upon which the words will be written to the color of ink which will fuse the ink to the dried wood pulp the way the letter itself will ultimately fuse the to and from of the letter itself. When one writes a love letter there is nothing to be taken lightly about that which is why love letters may have fallen by the wayside. There is a certain commitment behind a handwritten love letter. It is the free flow of one's heart through the hand that will reveal to the recipient the truth of love. That in love, in a relationship there is no backspace button, there is no spell check and most of the time you cannot save and return to love when you are ready to finish it. Whatever happens happens and we all have to decide if we can read the rest of the love story even though there will be mistakes. If we all got it right the first time, we would all still be with our first love. Some people have and it is because they have accepted that a love letter is written line by line and a love, a true love is written day by day.
A love letter is one of the rawest expressions of love that can exist. While a love letter is being written the only thing that the brain is controlling are the nerves that control the hand. If one's brain could control the words in a love letter love letters may not ever be written. Our brain words hard to be the protector of our body. The brain tells us not to touch a hot stove, some peppers are just too hot to eat and to sit in the shade when the sun is hot but it seems to let the heart be the temperature gauge on love. The heart lets lust make love too hot too quickly and it lets the unsaid, "known" sentiments of love keep it too cool for too long.
Love letters. Love Letters are the temperature gauge of the heart. Write it down. Write it all down. It does not have to be elaborate or ornate or covered in hearts and glitter. It can be something simple written on a napkin, with two different colors of ink. It can have spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. It does not matter if it is written in elegant handwriting or chicken scratch. A Love letter is the temperature gauge of the heart. In order to keep a relationship at the right temperature we owe it to ourselves to write love letters. Do not let Hallmark, or an anniversary date dictate when you express love. All you need is love…. That is what we all need.

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