Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween in Korea

My computer is being screwy so i'll have to add images later on. I did however want to share with everyone my experience of Halloween in Korea. Halloween which i have now come to realize is not really a western holiday but specifically an American holiday. At my school we hosted a Halloween celebration which included face painting, cookie decorating "bobbing for apples" and of course a haunted house. Bobbing for apples ended up being hard candies in non dairy coffee creamer aka swine flu paradise. I was in the dance room where i taught my version of Michale Jackson's Thriller in 15 minute increments for 12 hours over the two day celebration. There aren't really costumes available in Korea either. Every child that dressed up regardless of age or gender wore pretty much the same combo of black cape and witches hat with various metallic shapes on them. When we went out in Seoul to celebrate the holiday there were literally Korean families there with their cameras taking photos of the westerners. The fact that costumes aren't really available most every one's costumes were home made and very creative which i totally appreciate. Those who were able to find costumes at the store were a variety of pirates and Disney characters both regular and the sex versions. I had a wonderful time and although I missed seeing all of my friends and family dressed in their finest Korea was a good second place.

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